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Vol. 52 No. 8 & 9 THE JOURNAL OF INDIA’S RESURGENCE August & September 2021
A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built...
- Sri Aurobindo
Education for India’s Resurgence
Beloo Mehra 2
Indian View of Aim of Life and Education Beloo Mehra 4
Basic Issues of Indian Education The Mother 8
Three Principles of True Teaching Sri Aurobindo 9
The Three Principles of Education and the Gita Ramesh Bijlani 10
Striking Deficiencies of Contemporary Indian Education Indra Sen 11
Education for Character Development Sri Aurobindo 12
Story of da! da! da! 13
Spirituality in Classroom The Mother 14
When Young India Awakes — 27 Beloo Mehra 16
The Mother on Physical Education The Mother 21
Calming and Refining the Vital
Our Experiments in Vital Education at
Creative School
Jayashree Ashok 21
Breath The Internet 26
True Professor Nolini Kanta Gupta 26
An Interview with a College Student Tuhina Roy 27
A Touching Story about a Teacher The Internet 29
Swadharma, a Learning Journey towards Wholeness Manoj Pavitran 30
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