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"The only and unique aim of Sri Aurobindo’s Action is the country – India
India has to guard her independence
India has to defend herself
India has to reorganise herself"
“The only solution of the country’s problems is what Sri Aurobindo has given in His writings. He has replied to all questions, including capitalism, communism, political organisation. These are to be put together. He wrote in English, but as many Indians do not know English it is necessary to translate in the languages which they understand. His message has to be spread all over the country, his solutions are to be shown to all who wish to know.
"A great force is there. One has to work without personal sentiments"
To work for the attainment of the perfect man and the perfect society as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
To work for India’s Resurgence, the world and the advent of a progressive universal harmony.
To demonstrate in action the possibility of realising Sri Aurobindo’s ideals in all fields of life, education, science, literature, fine arts, economics, industry etc.
To carry out research into the problems facing man, present their solutions and work them out in practice.
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